Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Be cheeky

Welcome to the blog!

I've decided to kick things off with a small bit of advice for everyone who wants to write, travel, do reviews or anything creative for that matter.

Be cheeky.

Ask, then ask some more. Stick your hand out even when you think you can't possibly get anything from the person you're talking to. Always be polite with your cheek, the asking should be ballsy, not the language.

Everything I have as a writer, and almost everything I have as a person I have because I risked a little embarrassment to go and get it, and 90% of going and getting it was just plain asking for something.

Of course you need to give something in return, offer a post on your blog, or to pass on a good word. If you don't ask you will never get, because people will assume you;re OK when really you're just trying to look stoic.

This goes for people in the service and marketingindustry, if you're helping someone out, make sure you ask them to spread the word or post something up online. Word of mouth reviews are absolute gold for your business, and more often than not you need to ask people for them.

I hope you love my blog. Over time I'll share with you my travel reviews, links to great sites and the odd bit of cheek you can use to your own advantage.



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